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Dec 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
a country school system. it meant a student's ability in math science and reading let's look at the latest results map to see shanghai singapore hong kong the first three positions number one two and three respectively france in the uk number twenty five and twenty six to the total of sixty five countries measured in these surveys. science results showing much the same kind of results that east asian. school systems scoring the highest shanghai hong kong singapore once again number one two and three friends and the uk in mid twenties and the literacy results opening much the same thing with the station systems scoring the highest france and uk also in those middle rankings in the mid twenties. that's always the asian country's top the world rankings that's pretty clear european countries such as france and uk struggling to compete france in particular sliding down the ratings and rankings despite spending more on its goals then other countries in the and today we ask how to prepare today's kids for tomorrow's world and make sure they leave school with all the right skills with both those q
Dec 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
sciences the support it poisoning theory the palestinian leader's body was exchanged attacks last year amid continuing claims he was mad at her friend's ex pats have reportedly ruled out the possibility that he was poisoned his wife celia says she rejects those findings the palestinians expressed skepticism. ms rau says no surprises here francis to or thrice the deployment of armed guards ownership says parts of the anti piracy measures as already the case for shipping companies from persons spain and denmark but then honesty is friendship in companies that have to make do with protection by the french navy william gilbert brown has the story. four years ago the built in to pump a was captured by somali pirates and its crew held hostage for two months. many countries have struggled to fight piracy. since two thousand a friend says provided naval protection for its vessels and now for the first time ever its author a ship's to seek outside help. we will allow the use of private teams who can complement missions being accomplished by the national navy the prime minister added that the move le
Dec 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
to stop fighting and sciences so that's why the african union proposed to take a good bead on the subjectnd the issue but if we are in december two thousand and thirteen and the crisis began in march two thousand and thirteen in and what's happening now. it's very surprising as silk at the division of france two to take responsibility disco think is a traditional gold prices became an european continent. but it was be said also that in the twenty first century. it's really the key becoming more and more than that he even got on and on internal political point here i'm referring specifically to the fact that the decision to deploy and friends roommates went to the studio pieces in the world that still that well but that bed where the decision to deploy and french forces approaching a proof concrete and does not necessarily have to be interested in hunting and eating frosted staff is frost doesn't have a tomorrow to teach it to intervene in its former colony or a moral duty is and isn't very strong will to win. the obligation. sorry it does have some kind of opposition teams
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3